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[Announcement from http://hronlineph.com]

sali na sa kulitan… Post your Pick-up lines against DEBT sa comment box ng FACEBOOK link na ito https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=hp#!/groups/210738199018314/, be a group member, share and ask friends to LIKE your Pick-uplines. Ang pinakamaraming like ang magiging official T-shirt print/design ng uTANG na! Imoral! at may libreng T-shirt ka pa kapag nanalo ka! Winner will be announced on March 25, 2012. It’s more FUN to HATE DEBT in the Philippines!

For the past five years, WikiPilipinas.org, the Philippines‘ premier online encyclopedia, has been awarding the WikiPinoy of the Year title to the person or group of people who has empowered the public by providing open information and in-depth insights into the more significant issues affecting the country today.

A WikiPinoy does more than information and knowledge sharing. A WikiPinoy’s output is research-driven, meaning, he or she does not just present the facts as is, but probes beneath the surface of each story and inspires people to be knowledge sharers as well. For a WikiPinoy, knowledge sharing goes beyond the comfortable seat of his or her office desk—he or she is proactive.

Unlike in previous years when the WikiPinoy of the Year was selected by the editorial board and staff of WikiPilipinas, the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year will be chosen by WikiPinoys – the readers and contributing volunteers of WikiPilipinas.

Starting today, December 1, WikiPilipinas readers can vote for one of ten nominees for the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year by answering the online poll question on WikiPilipinas’ official facebook account.

To vote for the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year, add WikiPililipinas.org on Facebook. 

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Noticed your electric bills?

It has started.

Power rate has gone up due to wrong policies under privatization and EPIRA.

Register your protest! BLACK OUT your profile pics and say…



 FB campaign mechanics:

 All Filipinos and friends around the World-Wide Web with Facebook account and wishing to register one simple act of protest against continuing hike of power rates in the Philippines are enjoined to temporarily change their profile picture with the BLACKOUT logo (attached) on  October 11, 2011 from 3:00 in the afternoon to 9:00 in the evening.  Let us register our voices that even as Facebookers we too are concerned NETizens and affected by the increasing power rate.  Invite all your facebook friends to do an act of SOLIDARITY.



Join the National day of action, Oct.11, 7:30-8pm National Power-OFF/Lights-OFF!


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