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Debt Payments and Under-spending

Almost all throughout post-EDSA era, 1986-1995 and 1999-2012, total debt service exceeded spending for both economic services and social services. Supposed additional funds for economic services to spur growth and for investment in the country’s human capital in the form of social services are instead used for debt payment, some of which for questionable loans.

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Thoughts on the debt

By: Faith-Based Congress Against Immoral Debt (FCAID)

While the government treats the issue of debt as something that can only be understood by economic technocrats, planners and managers, FCAID say differently. Debt and public finance is not something outside the realm of the people and certainly not outside the realm of the faith-based community. In fact, the issue is more than just an economic issue but rather an ethical and moral issue.

Debt has been considered as a focus of concern even back in the early days. The days when people were sold us slaves to pay for the debts of the family. It is already known as something that chains people deeper into poverty.

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